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Miracle Makers: Helping the Babies at Duke

Miracle Makers is a series of 30 stories from Walmart and Sam’s Club associates to celebrate the companies’ 30th anniversary of fundraising for CMN Hospitals

It seems like everyone in Goldsboro, North Carolina knows that Vicki Mozingo raises money for “The Babies at Duke.”

“I’ll be out and about at the grocery store or church or even at a funeral and people will approach me and ask if they can give me some money to help out at Duke Children’s Hospital,” Vicki says. “So many of them have seen me over the years raising money at work, and they know how passionate I am about this cause.”

As a greeter at the local Sam’s Club, Vicki is a friendly reminder to all customers that they can make a big difference through small donations. With her Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals button and dollar bill pinned to her vest, her passion is contagious.

“I would always help out with the annual fundraising campaign,” Vicki says, “but several years ago I told my husband, ‘We wanted children so badly. We love children, and if we had a child who was sick, we would be so grateful that someone had helped out. I don’t want to do this just annually. I want to do this all year round.’”

Over the past seven and a half years of fundraising every day, Vicki has raised $78,000 for her local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. “When I started out, I thought it would be amazing if I could reach $50,000 or even $75,000. Now I’m aiming for $100,000,” Vicki says.

Because of her efforts, Vicki has received national recognition and even met celebrities like Marie Osmond, but she says the biggest reward is knowing that together, her community is making a difference. “I never really expected any of this at the beginning, but it has been astounding to me to see so many good people giving whatever they can to make things better for these children and their families. I’ve always heard the expression that one person can make a difference, and now, in my heart, I know that is true.”

To help children in your community, donate at your local Sam’s Club or Walmart today.