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Walmart and Sam’s Club Christmas Donations

Covid-19 can’t stop some of our most merry partners from bringing holiday cheer to the patients at Dayton Children’s. This year may be throwing us curve ball after curve ball, but the 384,000 kids that come through our doors can still rely on this special community partner for support.

The Holiday Donation History

Our Walmart and Sam’s Clubs typically hand-deliver a toy to every single child in our hospital in early December. For decades, they’ve visited families on each floor, including our tiniest patients in the NICU and brought smiles to their faces. Santa and Mrs. Claus themselves have always made a point to visit with each child. We’ve had former NFL and college football players, super heroes and other beloved characters on this special day. The entire experience is made possible because of the hard work and connections of our favorite Walmart and Sam’s Club team members.

2020 “Pivot”

Of course this year looked different, but on Friday, December 4th, the kids at Dayton Children’s still each enjoyed a present generously donated by their Walmart friends. Though they didn’t get a visit, they felt the love.

Like we’ve been saying from the start, kids can’t wait for a pandemic to be over. They need support more than ever and Dayton Children’s is so grateful for Walmart’s commitment to the kids in the Dayton region.

Walmart and Sam’s Additional Support

On top of the holiday gift donations, they supply book bags and back to school items for our patients each fall. Dayton Children’s also relies on fundraising from Walmart and Sam’s Club for the equipment and technology necessary to provide our patients with the care they need.

Every year they have a four-week campaign and stores also raise money in different ways throughout the year. This year’s Walmart and Sam’s Club campaign raised more than $190,000 to fund life-saving equipment and technology for our kids.

Dayton Children’s couldn’t be more grateful for their continued support.