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Walmart Associates “Whip, Nae Nae” and More for Kids

Add two T-rex costumes, one part ugly vests, a healthy dose of slime and a few water balloons and you have a recipe for a successful Walmart and Sam’s Club fundraiser.

While most of the money raised to help kids live better comes from cashiers at Walmart and Sam’s Club asking customer and members for donations, associates often take things to another level with all kinds of fun activities. Below is just a sampling of some of the fun things going on at Walmart and Sam’s Club locations around the country.

Fundraising at Walmart and Sam’s Club registers starts again on Saturday, Sept. 22.

Dinosaurs at Walmart 145 in Bowling Green, MO, “whip and nae nae” for kids treated at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital


An associate from Walmart 2299 in Cromwell, CT, sports a cow onesie to raise money for the kids at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center


A Walmart 1095 associate in Glenwood Springs, CO, is not afraid to rock a tutu to help raise funds for the kids at Children’s Hospital Colorado


These managers at Walmart 4387 in Worcester, MA, endured a barrage of water balloons to raise funds for the kids at Boston Children’s


These associates at Walmart 62 in Blytheville, AR, willingly donned some pretty ugly vests to raise money for the kids at Arkansas Children’s


A manager at Walmart 1565 in Williston, ND, was willing to endure a sliming by his associates to raise money for the kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital – Fargo


Associates at one Walmart store created a giant $1 billion bill to celebrate Walmart and Sam’s Club having almost raised $1 billion for CMN Hospitals