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Walmart Resource Week!

In a COVID-19 world, we wanted to create a resource for all of our friends at Walmart as they embark on their 2020 Children’s Miracle Network fundraising campaign. Below are a collection of videos from our Walmart Resource Week series.

What is Walmart Resource Week? – Well, watch the below 2 minute video to learn a little more!

Each day of Walmart Resource Week we created a short video covering some ideas, suggestions, or information about the campaign this year. These meant to be fun, short and the goal is to be incredibly helpful for stores. Share them with employees. Pass them along to managers, whatever works for you!

2020 Children’s Miracle Network Campaign 101

In this video we briefly cover changes to the campaign this year and goal setting for stores.

Adding FUN to Fundraising. 

For day two in our Walmart Resource Week series we wanted to focus on just a couple of ways that you can add some FUN to your Children’s Miracle Network campaign.

Associates Saving Kids! 

For this video we wanted to highlight the importance of asking every single customer, every single time!

Doernbecher 101 and Frequently Asked Questions

For this video we took just a few minutes to talk a little about OHSU Doernbecher and address some of the various questions that customers might ask during a retail campaign.

Campaign Resources

Last but not least, we wanted to make sure and share additional ideas for resources with all of our friends!