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Walmart & Sam’s Clubs Hit Milestone

Walmart & Sam’s Clubs Hit Milestone in a Time of Uncertainty:

Walmart & Sam’s Club understand that KIDS CAN’T WAIT. Although 2020 has been extremely difficult on most individuals due to the current pandemic, including those working for Walmart and Sam’s Clubs, our Children’s Hospital Foundation locations came through in a BIG way. They not only had a record campaign they surpassed a lifetime $10 million giving milestone for Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Walmart and Sam’s Clubs understood during campaign the huge need in funding for their local Children’s Hospital due to the fact that many of our events and campaigns were either cancelled or moved to a different date. So what did they do? They rose to the challenge gave CHF a record year in campaign dollars raising $434,230.32.

Walmart partnered up with Children’s Miracle Network in 1987, since that time Walmart remains CMNH’s number one National Partner. The Walmart and Sam’s Clubs are located in 51 of the 77 counties of Oklahoma are raising funds for Neonatal research.

Thank you to every Walmart & Sam’s Club managers, associates and customers for making miracles for Oklahoma kids.