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We Need More Cowbell!

Tammy Bracher and her Cowbell know all too well how important Children’s Hospital Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network is to kids. When she was in South Dakota, she worked at their local children’s hospital seeing first-hand the illnesses, injuries and preventive care their children went through. Tammy has made it one of her missions to bring awareness and enthusiasm to the Children’s Miracle Network Walmart Campaign. A couple years ago, Tammy acquired a large cowbell. Every time she hears from a customer or associate telling their personal story about their experience with Children’s Hospital, she has that child sign the cowbell. That bell holds the signatures of cancer patients, cystic fibrosis patients and more. 

Tammy began working for Walmart in 2006 and was very excited to know that Walmart and Sam’s Clubs are huge advocates of CMNH. She has worked for the Walmart in Chickasha, Oklahoma for the last 5 years. Her favorite time of the year is Walmart Register Campaign. Working on the front end as a lead, she is in the public eye to raise money and every time she gets a donation, she rings her cowbell in honor of the kids who signed it. Tammy says the thing she likes best is that all of the money stays local to help customer and associate’s children.  Thank you Tammy For all you do For the Kids!