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Spark Good. Change Kids’ Health at El Paso Children’s Hospital, June 10- July 7

El Paso Children’s Hospital Needs YOU to help Kids Write Kids’ Health Symphony!

Imagine a world where every child gets to chase their dreams, filled with laughter and a bright future. At El Paso Children’s Hospital, that dream becomes reality for countless kids. But to make it happen, they need your help.

So, next time you shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club, remember: you are not just picking up groceries or household essentials. You are contributing to a story of hope, ensuring that every child, like Bella, can keep playing their own vibrant song of life. Be a part of the change for kids’ health and the future.

That’s where YOU come in!
Walmart & Sam’s Club are partnering with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals) to #SparkGood and #ChnageKidsHealth at El Paso Children’s Hospital. Your generous donations, big or small, become instruments of hope in the hands of skilled specialists.

Donate in-store at Walmart or Sam’s Club, online or through the Walmart app. Every dollar raised stays local and helps kids fight illness and keep playing their own vibrant song of life.

Together, lets write a symphony to spark good and change kids’ health!

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