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Walmart & Sam’s Club Continue to Change Kids’ Health at El Paso Children’s Hospital.

Walmart and Sam’s Club raised critical funds to spark good and change kids’ health through Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals). Local communities across El Paso TX came together to raise more than $330,000 for El Paso Children’s Hospital in 2023.

A big shoutout to Walmart Supercenter Store #3763 on Montana Ave. for taking the lead and becoming the TOP STORE during 2023’s campaign raising more than $24,000.

We could not be more grateful to you and associates across the country who rallied behind last year’s campaign with enthusiasm and passion for helping change kids’ health to change the future. Every dollar raised goes to the local children’s hospital and makes a difference in the lives of children and their families in the local community.

Changing kids’ health goes far beyond helping individual children and families, it’s also helps create ripple effects through continued research, preventive care, health and safety education and other support services helping build healthier communities today and tomorrow. 

You are making an impact!

Thanks to you, Walmart and Sam’s Club in El Paso TX for helping change kids’ health to change the future at El Paso Children’s Hospital.