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It’s a $1 Billion Year

This post has been updated to reflect the extension of the Walmart and Sam’s Club fundraising campaign through Oct. 7.

The annual Walmart and Sam’s Club fundraiser starts today, and 2018 could be the year the companies reach $1 billion in fundraising for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Between now and Oct. 7, Walmart and Sam’s Club customers and members can donate to their local CMN Hospital when they check out at their local store or club. The money raised at these stores and clubs directly benefits the CMN Hospital in those communities. Customers and members also have the option of donating at the self-checkout kiosks. In addition to the checkout, associates around the country host a variety of other activities to raise even more to help kids live better.

The $1 billion milestone will represent the largest amount ever raised by a company for a nonprofit.

Make sure you visit your local Walmart or Sam’s Club to donate today.

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