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Miracle Monday: Meet Dawson!

Dawson is an 8th grader at Fort Scott Middle School who enjoys playing Xbox and drawing. However, last year, Dawson was diagnosed with dextroscoliosis of the upper spine. This means that his spine curves 57% to the right. Dawson began wearing a Boston brace in May 2018 to help with his back until he had surgery in December 2018. After a lengthy 10.5 hour surgery, Dawson received 2 titanium rods with 10 screws to straighten his spine.


Because of generous donations, your local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, Freeman Health System, was able to purchase the Boston brace that Dawson wore until his surgery and help with visits to Kansas City to receive specialty care after Dawson’s dad, a Fort Scott Walmart associate and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals’ store champion, shared his story. Walmart has supported CMN Hospitals for over 31 years; raising over $1 Billion for pediatric healthcare in the process. Thank you for supporting kids like Dawson and helping him live better!