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Wrapped in Love

Brooklynn Harris is one special 12 year old.

“She came home from school one day and said, mom I feel like I need to do more to help people,” says Beth Harris, Brooklynn’s mom. Brooklynn was inspired to help sick kids when her brother was born premature and was in the hospital. Brookyn tells us, “Kids even my age or younger stay in the hospital for days, months, years. You never know how long they’ll be there.”

Brooklynn raised money through a bowling event. She bought material to make blankets for hospitalized kids at Hurley Children’s Hospital. Friends at Trinity United Methodist Church helped her put them together. They were able to make 46 blankets for the CMN hospital. With the blankets, the amazing 12 year old was also able to make a $1000 donation for other needed supplies.

Hurley Child Life Director Laura Parcels says, “we absolutely love it when kids are doing things for kids. When we have a child that’s going to come into the hospital and be admitted, we make sure they have a very colorful blanket on their bed. It makes it a little bit more like home, a little more fresh, a little more inviting for them.

Brooklynn had support for the donation from her mom. Beth Harris is manager of the Flint Walmart, where there is a strong culture of giving. Walmart has given more than $1 Billion to CMNH. “We cannot do what we do for the kids if it weren’t for corporations like Walmart and individuals like Brooklynn,” says Parcels. “It is through them and through their love and their compassion that we are able to provide what we provide for the kids here at Hurley.” The Harris family sees how local donations help local children. “I get to see my employees who have children who have personally benefited from Hurley Hospital,” says Beth. “I’m wondering if that day will come that I’ll see one of these blankets and know that my daughter helped make that happen.”

We thank Brooklynn Harris and her mom Beth for thinking of Hurley Children’s Hospital and taking action to help local kids. It is amazing to see kids helping kids. What a future we have ahead of us.