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Thank you, Walmart, for making miracles for Nationwide Children’s!

Thank you to our surrounding Walmart teams for making 2023 such a special year at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The commitment, passion, spirit, and drive to do good was vibrant throughout the entire year.

This year was different than any other year as the team’s challenged themselves by reviving the FUN back into (fun)draising.

Check out our top highlights outlined below:

Thank you to our Walmart Logan team for continuing to be our #1 highest fundraising location across all Walmart & Sam’s Club locations.

Thank you to our teams who hosted their first alternative events this year – Walmart West Pointe Plaza, Walmart Heath, Walmart New Boston, Walmart Lancaster, Walmart Marysville!

Thank you to Walmart Heath for being our first team to award the FIRST EVER grant to Nationwide Children’s Hospital!